The Thoughts and Poetry of Glenn Ervin

Sunday, July 31, 2011

After some coaxing from my daughter, I'm cautiously stepping away from my pen and paper journals into blogging. Things won't really come together here for a few weeks until I purchase a new computer. The one I currently own is so old that I think it may be an original upgrade from the telegraph.
Anyway, I've named my blog Stepping Stones because that's the name of my collection of original poems and thoughts that I have compiled over the years, and I plan to post many of them here. The main reason for the title Stepping Stones in the first place is that my poems and prose represent my journey. I, like the rest of us, have had dreams and goals for which I have reached, and most of them involved getting to a place in life where those things were more attainable. Many have been fulfilled by now, some I have held for a season only to see them slip away, and still others have yet to be attained. I guess that's why Carolyn Arends' song Reaching  is so special to me. The chorus says:

We are reaching for the future, we are reaching for the past, and no matter what we have we reach for more.
We are desperate to discover what is just beyond our grasp. Maybe that's what heaven is for.

Maybe it is.


  1. Yay!! So excited. Welcome to the world of blogging. (like I'm some kind of pro, lol.) Next step... *suspenseful music*... Facebook! :) My entire life, like literally, I have enjoyed the sound of your voice. That includes your spoken and written words, as well as your singing and music. Perhaps the strongest of your voices is your life. I love and appreciate you more than words can describe, and I'm so blessed to be your daughter. I greatly anticipate reading your blog, and just so you know, I've already told the world on Facebook about it. So, I have a feeling you'll have quite the captivated audience before it's all said and done. :)

  2. Oh, and by the way, that's one of my favorite songs.