The Thoughts and Poetry of Glenn Ervin

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A couple of months ago, a co-worker of mine was having a pretty bad day. So bad, in fact, that the hurt she was feeling couldn`t stay inside and came running down her face in the form of tears. I wanted to do something to help, and in an effort to do so, I wrote the following poem:


Healing never comes without some hurting
Feelings let us know we have a soul
At midnight it’s the dawn for which we're yearning
But without tears we'd never be made whole
In a perfect world there'd be no sorrow
Our emotions wouldn't hurt us 'til we're numb
But the world in which we live is far from perfect
So we cry and wait for better days to come
Whatever pain, we're all in this together
We've all had hurts that cut us to the bone
My soul has scars that from yours may be different
But we were never meant to cry alone
God lets us all experience the storm clouds
That we may tell each other of the sun
We long to see the beauty of the rainbow
But without a storm no rainbow has begun
Embrace your tears and never try to hide them
For each one's a drop of mercy on your face
In crying we release the pain that blinds us
Tears wash our eyes that we may see God's grace

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