The Thoughts and Poetry of Glenn Ervin

Monday, October 31, 2011

First Princess

Tomorrow, November 1, is my daughter's birthday. Thinking of the day she was born makes me miss her more than ever.
I am fond of saying that of all of the things I've done wrong, Jennifer is one thing that I got right. Some may ask, "Do you think that your daughter is perfect?" The short answer? "Yes."
I wrote the following poem just a few months before Eliana was born. I'd been thinking about how much I doted on Rachel and Jordan and called them my princesses, and it occured to me that with all of the attention I was giving the girls I might be neglecting Jennifer, my first princess. The following poem was written for her. (Happy birthday baby girl.)

First Princess

Once my only princess, all lace and pretty curls
I had no way of knowing then, you’d have three little girls
The games we played, the memories made, are now with grandkids done
But not to worry princess, for you were my first one
Without you, there’d be no songs of crows out in the yard
No Cinderella slippers, no children’s handmade cards
A fairy tale is just a book, but children make it live
And because you were my princess, I have all these things to give
I love to watch your children play, but it’s really you I see
I thought that I was teaching you, but you were teaching me
Your little girls love Papa now, but I was first your dad
And I know how to treat a princess, because of the one I had
Little boys are wonderful, and in this world they have their place
But little girls are special, for they teach a man’s heart grace
There’s nothing like a princess, to make a dad feel like a king
And I can grow old happy now, for I’ve had everything
I’ve had music in my soul, and I’ve had singing in my heart
I’ve had little hands to hold, I’ve driven monsters from the dark
I now have two more little girls, and soon, another one
They’ll all be Papa’s princess, because you were my first one.


  1. I love you, daddy. Thank you for treating me like a princess, for making me feel so special and loved. I'll always be daddy's girl.