The Thoughts and Poetry of Glenn Ervin

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Myth of Time

I wrote the following poem back in '08. When I looked it up to post it today, I was surprised
to see that it was three years old. Well, the slipping away of time is what the poem is about. Pause a moment and think about it.

The Myth of Time

Time is a myth we believe when we’re young
We believe that its all in our hands
We fancy ourselves having plenty of time
To pursue all our dreams and our plans

Time is a myth that young parents believe
They think they have plenty of days
Too busy to play with the children right now
Concentrating on getting them raised

Time is a myth we believe as we labor
Retirement is so far away
Too busy to notice the sun going down
And ability slipping away

Time is a myth old folks don’t believe
They know that they have it no more
The only time left is to look away back
And it’s gone like the tide from the shore


  1. Beautiful poem. Sigh, but it's really irritating that the muppets have forever destroyed the word "myth" for me... ughhhh.

  2. They say "Time flies when you're having fun..." I'm just wondering when the fun starts? Ha!

  3. Jennifer,

    I know what you mean about the Muppetts. I thought of that theen in the movie the whole time I wath pothting thith poem.