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Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Vicky

Today, November 14, 2011 is a milestone of sorts for my wife Vicky. She turned 50. I know that she's probably going to be a bit uncomfortable with me posting this and I know that it is considered impolite to discuss a lady's age, but I beg forgiveness on both counts.
Of all of the influences in my life, and there have been many, Vicky has been the greatest of them all. The woman is amazing.
Though we don't remember each other from the first grade, the yearbook shows that we were in the same class in Myrtle, MS. I was there for only a short time before moving to New Albany which probably explains this, or it could be that as a first grade boy I just wasn't all that memorable.
Whatever the case, my "official" meeting with Vicky McDonald took place in a GED class in New Albany, MS in 1978. I was there trying to correct the mistake I had made by dropping out of school. Vicky was there trying to graduate early so she could go ahead and start college. I thought that she was one of the prettiest, most lady like girls I had ever seen, so I gathered my nerve and asked her out. She turned me down.
Vicky told me that she liked me, but that she did not date guys who did not go to church. This did not set well with me and I decided to just leave her alone. I found that I could not leave her alone. I began attending the Myrtle Church of the Lord Jesus Christ so I could see this girl, and she began to tell me more about a Jesus that I thought I knew but never really had. I received the Holy Ghost on July 14, 1978.
Vicky and I were married on December 1, 1978 and God blessed our little home 11 months later on November 1, 1979 with a baby girl we named Jennifer Beth.
The one thing that has most inspired me about this wonderful lady is that she is not a "settler." If she believes that things can be better, she works to make them better. The phrase, "good enough" has never felt right in her mouth and she rarely, if ever, uses it. I've seen her rise to the top anywhere she's ever been, though there have been a couple of places that she just didn't bother staying with long enough to waste her time.
I won't go into all of the times when she's encouraged me, believed in me, and kept me going when I'd just rather have quit. I've seen her do so much with so little. I've seen her work to rise above her situation rather than to accept it and complain about it. I watched her earn her Bachelors degree in education, then go on to earn her Masters, all while balancing the life of a working wife and mother. I've held her hand at her very lowest and stood beside her on her mountain tops. She's stayed by my side through heart surgery as well as heartache. She's the mother that has encouraged, nay, insisted that our daughter not only reach for but work for her dreams. She's the Nana that is all-consumed with loving our granddaughters. I've never had a better friend or someone who was more a part of my very soul than this lady. I love her with all of my heart.
Happy birthday Vicky. You have changed my life just by living yours. Thank you for sharing it with me.

All my love, Glenn

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  1. Just wanted to start by saying I don't know were I would be without her she has always helped pushed and guided me on everything I have done. I just wanna say that without her I would not be were I am without her she has been there for me through some very tough times. She has even took time out of her life to help me get through school I mean those were some long nights but she did that for me. I know that was very hard on her but she did it . She has always encouraged me . She has always been there even for my darkest moments with my mom I could always count on her . I also want to tell you I often think of our days in Jackson especially on days were I am feeling " BLUE" we ate the only ones that will get that . I am very thankful you and aunt vickey and a God fearing and loving family. I Love You Both !!!!